In December 2010 I packed my life into two suitcases and moved from Munich to Madrid. But with beginning of the economic crisis in the summer of 2011 I had to leave this vibrant and exciting city. With Duesseldorf I quickly found a new beautiful home for myself and my art. As an expression of my deep attachment to the Spanish capital I decided to change my name officially at the civil center in Düsseldorf. Since that day I live my life under the pseudonym MARCO MADRIDO.

Neither I studied at a famous art school nor I adore a certain painter. Since 1978 I walk with open eyes through my life and whenever I got inspired I created a new painting. As  an absolute self-taught artist my pieces of art are never related to any kind of trends in the art industry. I never compare myself with other artists and their work. Beyond this I do not even enjoy running through art galleries. Thus I describe my work as NEW PIECES OF ART. Since 1996 I brought 29 NEW PIECE OF ART to life and any single piece is telling a very personal story. These stories may encourage people or sometimes even provoke them. But anykind of reaction is more than welcome. That's why I do art. However in my often supremely colorful paintings the art form of collage and décollage emerges with the art of acrylic painting. The base of all my paintings are photos I did by myself which are reworked on my computer before I print them out. My ambition is to create unique pieces of art to bring anykind of room to life.

My pieces of art are getting alive on classic canvas. On them I am arranging my photo prints, completing my composition with acrylic painting and finalise my work mostly by selective masking mit tape, paint over with acrylic and removing the tape. Then I hand over my work to a service provider in Neuss for scanning. From these high-quality and high resolution scans my on 15 copies strictly limited editions are created on Aludibond with acryl glas finish.

"A path is made when you take it". If you will join me on my way to become a famous Contemporary Artist then a small wish of mine is already come true.